Wednesday, October 7, 2020

HitTrax vs Rapsodo - 2021 Black Warstic Bonesaber First Look

via JBR YouTube Channel
Here we compare Rapsodo and HitTrax. We also see which one is more accurate compared to a high-speed camera. Also, we take a sneak peek at the 2021 Warstic Bonesaber in BLACK. Have any questions or comments on the video? Reach out to us at or check our social channels @batdigest on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
October 7, 2020 at 07:26PM

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Best BBCOR Bats for 2021 [So Far]

via JBR YouTube Channel
The Best 2021 BBCOR Bats [So Far] See more of our write up here: We have yet to see the full line of 2021 BBCOR bats. COVID has pushed everything back. But, we are getting asked enough about 2021 BBCOR bats we though a video and article [so far] might be appropriate. So, here's our 2021 Best BBCOR bats [So Far]. We hit with the: Cat 9 Cat 9 Connect Bonesaber B5 The Goods Meta Meta PWR Hot Metal (Mizuno) Nox You can see more of the data here:
September 24, 2020 at 07:58AM

Friday, September 18, 2020

Easton B5 vs Easton B5 - Old School vs New School

via JBR YouTube Channel
here we compare the 2021 Easton B5 vs a 1980/1990 (We can't tell) B5. The BBCOR 2021 is a 33/30 and the Old School B5 is a 32/28. Yes, a drop 4. Weird. But fun. Links: 2021 B5 Review: Buy the B5 @ Dicks Sporting Goods: The Raw Data from The High School Hitters: These are completely different types of bats--although kind of the same too. The performance/compression on the B5 from days gone by is much lower. We'd love to hear from you on if you have questions or commetns on this video or the B5 in general. Chfeel free to email us at Or, you can reach out to us on social @batdigest via twitter, facebook or instagram.
September 18, 2020 at 12:58PM

Monday, September 14, 2020

2021 Slugger Meta vs Meta PWR Exit Speeds & Swing Weights

via JBR YouTube Channel
We took the 2021 Louisville Slugger META PWR and META in head to head exit speeds. We compared both bats on 180 hits from two different hitters. Here's a link to the data from our hitting: The META PWR is one of the heaviest swinging BBCOR bats on the planet. The question is, how does swing weight affect exit speeds. In a cage, it is really hard to tell the difference---because heavy swinging bats almost always win. See our full META PWR Review: See our Full META Review: Buy the META PWR at ******Comments***** We don't have the bandwidth to manage YouTube comments. If you have a comment on the video or another question, email us at Or you can reach us on our other social channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @batdigest.
September 14, 2020 at 07:52PM

Monday, August 31, 2020

2021 Easton B5 vs CAT 9 Review

via JBR YouTube Channel
We take a first look at Easton's new B5 BBCOR bat. We put it head to head in some Daddy Hacks as well as real players. As we talk about in the video, you can download the full set of data here: As well, see our full review on the Easton B5 and CAT 9 here: Easton B5 Review: Marucci CAT 9 Review: Head to Head Bat Results:  *********Comments*********** We don't possess the bandwidth to monitor YouTube comments. But we'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions about bats or comment on the video, please reach out at Or, you can find us at our other social channels @batdigest on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.
September 1, 2020 at 12:00AM

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Exit Speed Test: The Goods vs CAT Connect vs Victus Nox

via JBR YouTube Channel
We took the Victus Nox, The DeMarini The Goods and the Marucci CAT Connect (all three Hybrid bats) to the field and to the facility for exit speed and feel ratings. All bats are great, depends on what you want. ********Reviews************* Here are our full write up reviews for these bats. NOX: CAT 9: The Goods: ********Comments********** We turned off comments on our channel because they take too much time to manage and its too difficult to have a real conversation. But, we'd love to hear from you. If you have questions or comments about this video reach out to us at Or, you can reach us on our other social channels @batdigeset on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
August 23, 2020 at 02:08PM

Saturday, August 22, 2020

CAT 9 vs Victus Vandal USSSA Exit Speed Comparison

via JBR YouTube Channel
We took the USSSA Vandal and CAT 9 into the cage to get some exit speed comparisons with a real 11U player. Here's our results. Victus Vandal (Affiliate): Marucci CAT 9: Our full reviews: ******Comments****** We don't possess the bandwidth to manage the comments and respond here. So, if you want to get in touch about this review, or have other bat quetsions, please reach out at Or you can check us on IG and FB @batdigest
August 22, 2020 at 03:35PM